URC has a Summer Book Giveaway

cropped-img_06591.jpgIn the summer of 2018, Gail Jackson-Francis and Joy Malone visited the Sutherlin Library to-read aloud books to summer school kids from West Intermediate and had a well behaved and attentive audience K-5. Then we followed a week or so later setting up our books to give away for free to any child who desired a book at West Intermediate to each student in the summer program! Thanks to the awesome teachers, assistants and principal, Trish McCracken at West! Your kids are awesome! On a later date, August 14,2018, a crew will show up to the YMCA lunchtime, to give away books to the children at this site. We want to thank the generosity of the Roseburg Elks Lodge for funding this important outreach into our community to provide children with books for their very own collections! We plan to get more books into the hands of our area children’s hands every summer!!